I believe that my group and I communicated best when we made banana muffins. Both groups ended up with spectacular looking muffins. We all communicated and decided that we would bring in and add chocolate chips in our muffins to make it a banana chocolate chip muffin. We were all really happy about this muffin because we almost didn’t make any mistakes at all! There were many successful things that we did. For example, we followed the recipe and did what it told us to. When someone was struggling, we all stopped to help. We even measured the ingredients correctly! At the beginning when we were measuring out the ingredients, we all talked and decided to decrease the amount of sugar that was on the recipe because we had chocolate chips to make it sweeter. For the first two labs, we were all getting to know one another so we weren’t that comfortable communicating, both times, we turned on the oven wrong, but for this lab, we were more comfortable with each other and started to communicate more and finally turned on the oven correctly! What we found challenging was to not over mix it. Both our groups over mixed it slightly, but it still turned out delicious. It is important to have good communication because without good communication, we can all easily mess up the whole lab and have disgusting looking and/or tasting food. Communicating involves talking to everyone in your table group and agreeing on what were going to do and helping each other out when they need it. If the group did not communicate well, they might put in the wrong ingredients, forget to turn on the stove or oven etc. To solve them, you can work it out by communicating with at least one of your group members, or even better, everyone. The picture I have below this paragraph shows effective communicating because of its golden brown colour on it, and the chocolate chips on it that makes it taste 10x better. Overall, I believe that my group did a great job getting along with one another and baking the muffins.