Cooking at Home #3- building your skills- Tools

The tool I used for this home lab was a rolling pin. This is a tool used to shape and roll dough flat. I’ve always seen my dad and sister use it to roll dough so I decided to try doing it in this lab! I made pizza with a rolling pin. It was used to roll the crust of the pizza flat. Other uses for a rolling pin is so that the dough you roll out is smooth, not chunky. They can be used for rolling out all different sorts of things like cookie dough, pasta dough, cinnamon rolls, and many more.

Although rolling pins look safe to use, there are some safety concerns with using them. For example, if you don’t wash the dough off the rolling pin well, it may rot and mold and the next time you use it, you might not see it and the mold will get on the food. I used a wooden rolling pin, but if you’re using a heavy rolling pin, dropping it on your foot would really hurt so be sure not to drop it!

The proper way to use a rolling pin is to first sprinkle flour on the surface and the rolling pin so the dough doesn’t stick on it. Next, you hold the rolling pin with one of your hands and hit the dough until it is evenly flattened. After that, put your hands on the opposite ends of each side of the rolling pin, start from the middle and apply a little pressure on it and start rolling it back and forth. Be sure to get the edges too.

If you don’t have a rolling pin in your kitchen, you can use something that is cylinder like a cup. It would serve the same purpose but it may take longer to roll out the dough since it’s smaller.

I created a pinnacle pizza in this lab. I shared it with my mom, dad, and sister.

I used a recipe for this lab. The recipe will be at the bottom of the page so that you can try this for yourself!

If I were to make this dish again, I would put less sauce so it’s not as wet, and to try making the crust rounder next time.

Challenges I had to overcome was to try to roll out the dough perfectly. To overcome this, I tried to roll out the middle first and make my way towards the edge of the pizza. It still wasn’t perfectly round but I thought that I did a good job since it’s my first time using a rolling pin.

My greatest success in this lab was the final product. It tasted amazing and the crust was nice and crispy. The cheese was really stretchy and overall it was just an amazing pizza.

In this experience, I was most proud of my skills with making the pizza because I got the crust to be nice and crispy and it was my first time making pizza and it turned out to taste really good so I’m happy with how it turned out.


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