I’ve always wanted to try making pineapple buns. Since we can’t go out that often now, I decided to search up a recipe online and try making it.

The video I used to learn how to make this was: https://youtu.be/40O2jC8ja5M

I created pineapple buns in this lab. Pineapple buns are these sweet buns. They’re not made of pineapple’s and they don’t contain pineapples. The reason why they’re called pineapple buns is because of the sugary golden top that it has. Unfortunately, I was not able to make the top of the bun to look like a pineapple, but I was still able to make it taste the same.

For anybody who wants to make this dish, my advice for them is to not rush when you are stirring the flour and water together in the pot. Turn in on low heat and stir it until it gets thick into a dough kind of consistency.

A challenge that I had to overcome was to try to make the top of the pineapple bun round. I was using a rolling pin for it and i couldn’t make it perfectly round. To overcome this i rolled out the whole thing out and use a cup to stamp it out so it’s perfectly round.

The greatest success of this dish was the final product. It looked and taste wonderful. Although it didn’t have the pineapple look on the top of the bun, it still tastes exactly like the ones me and my family always get. I would definitely make this again. Next time, i’ll search up a better way to get the pineapple effect on the bun so it’ll look exactly like the ones in the stores.

In this experience, I am most proud of being able to just look at a recipe, follow along and get it to taste good the first time we make it. I thought that it would take several tries before i get it right, but Im really glad that it came out right the first time i made it.