A technique that I have always wanted to improve on was sifting dry ingredients. I wanted to improve on this because every time I use the sift, the thing that I’m trying to sift always ends up spilling out and coming off the side of the sift.

The video I used to learn more about this skill is a youtube video I found when I searched up how to sift properly. https://youtu.be/wOjS1KqKS8U. This is the video I learned for how to properly sift dry ingredients. I find this video very helpful because you can see what he’s doing so you can follow along at reasonable speed.

I created macarons to practice sifting. I thought that macarons would be a perfect recipe for this because for macarons, you have to be very careful for everything and you have to have the exact measurements. (Making macarons also helped me develop my measuring skills!) You have to sift a lot in macarons. Thats the main reason for why I chose macarons. Instead of sifting only once, I have to sift 3 times so the almond flour and powdered sugar has a lot of air in it.

An advice that I would give to someone who wants to learn this skill too is to not put the dry ingredients in to the top of the sift. If the dry ingredients is filled to the very top of the sift, it will spill out when you are sifting it. That was a mistake that I made before learning this skill. Be patient and just fill the dry ingredients up halfway. Also, if there are clumps in the end, use a spoon, or your finger to press it down so it can go through.

A challenge that I had to overcome was to not get the dry ingredients all over the place. When I was sifting, the ingredients were going on one side and it almost spilled out. To overcome this challenge, I switched hands to sift after a while so it wouldn’t go to one side and spill out.

The greatest success of this dish was the final product. The presentation of the macarons were beautiful. The taste of it was wonderful. I’m glad that I chose to make macarons because it tastes and looks wonderful.

In this lab, I am most proud of being able to measure the ingredients properly and learn how to sift properly. I’m so glad that the macarons turned out good because a lot of people say that it’s hard making macarons and that its easy to mess up.