In this lab, I made mashed potatoes. Instead of just putting cheese in the mashed potatoes, I took the mashed potatoes out first, put cheese in it while it’s hot, laid it the mashed potatoes out on a pan, then put more cheese on top and baked it more.

When I heard the water bubble, I put in the mashed potatoes. I cooked it until the texture of it was nice and soft so that I can mash it up. The smell of it was so good. You can see the cheese I put it stretch from the inside of the mashed potatoes, and the cheese I put on top. The taste of the mashed potatoes was wonderful. the cheese was nice and cheesy, and the mashed potatoes were well mashed.

I don’t really have a tradition involving food. The reason I chose mashed potatoes was because my grandma taught me how to make mashed potatoes taste better by putting cheese on top then baking it again. I tried it and I loved it so much so every time I make mashed potatoes, I do that.

A challenge that I had to overcome was not putting too much cheese on top. if I out too much cheese on top, it will just spill out and get all over the oven. To overcome this, I didn’t put cheese on the side of it cause I know that once it bakes, the cheese is going to melt onto the sides. I also had to make sure that the cheese doesn’t burn. To make sure that it doesn’t burn, I turned the oven on low so it wouldn’t burn.

The greatest success of this dish was the preparation. I had everything ready for the dish and I was able to do every step correctly. I was able to make this dish perfectly and every step I did to make it was done correctly.

I am most proud of being able to do every step correctly without making any mistakes. I was able to plan ahead so that nothing would go wrong in this lab. I’m really proud of being able to recreate that dish without any help from any on my family members.