I planned for my meal to look like it came from an expensive restaurant. I wanted it to have a lot of colours and I wanted the presentation to be really pretty. I wanted some of my food to smell sweet and salty so that’s why I made a dessert instead of appetizer. I wanted it to smell refreshing and have something that tastes sweet and something that tastes salty to balance it out. When I fried the spring rolls, I was expecting to hear a sizzling sound. I wanted the texture of the jello to be jiggly and and gel-like.

my meal tasted delicious. It was all balanced out. I didn’t make too much, or too little. The salad was refreshing, the jello was sweet, and the spring rolls were salty, just the way I wanted it to be. the smell of it was so refreshing, especially the salad. I put a roasted sesame dressing on the salad and it smelt so good. the texture of the jello was jiggly, the salad was crunchy, and the spring rolls were very well cooked. the presentation was outstanding. the jello looked very beautiful, the salad was well mixed, and the spring rolls were beautifully stacked. when I bit into the spring rolls, I could hear a crunch. the outside was crunchy, and the inside was soft and chewy.

the spring rolls I made show my culture identity which is Chinese. dim sum is really popular in the Chinese culture so that’s why I chose to make it. the salad represents how much my family and I respect the nature and enjoy going outside and gardening. the jello showed that I’m very outgoing, patient, sweet, and have a bubbly personality.

I believe that I showed strength in making the jello because it took a lot of time to make and refrigerate. there were a lot of steps in making the jello like measuring everything correctly, cutting the fresh mangos, putting everything in at the correct time, and cutting the mangos evenly. I wish that I cut the jello in even pieces to make it look prettier, next time, I’m going to try to cut them better.

one of these dishes represents me, one of them represents my family and one of them represents my cultural identity. as a mentioned earlier, dim sum is a very popular so I decided to make a type of dim sum, spring roll. the jello I made represents me. when I think of jello, I think of something joyful, sweet, outgoing, and bubbly. that’s exactly why I picked jello because it matches my personality! I chose to make salad cause it shows that my family and I love gardening and the nature. the vegetable I used to make my salad was actually from my garden!