My Tribute Costume

My name is Judy and I come from a country called Hong Kong. I live with my mom, dad, and sister. My family means a lot to me. On weekends, we usually go on a walk at night to spend some time together. They support me when I’m struggling and having a hard time. My friends are important to me as well. They help me whenever I need it and will always be there for me. Even though most of my friends go to different schools, we always find time to hang out with each other at least once a week. People usually say that I’m kind, outgoing, and helpful. The qualities and characteristics that are important to me are honesty, loyalty, trust, and kindness. I want to be able to rely on them without thinking much about whether I should trust them and be able to know the truth without them lying. My favourite colours are pink, purple, and blue. My favourite place to go is the beach. I find it very relaxing and fun. When I grow up, I hope to become a vascular neurologist. I have been interested in this job for about 3 years now. Being able to save people’s lives and studying things about strokes and health interests me. I’m aware of how much stress this will put me on, but in the end, I know that all my hard work will pay off and possibly achieve my goal. I also enjoy sports. One of my favourite sports are tennis. I love playing with my sister and friends. They make it a lot more fun for me. In my free time, I like to read or spend time with my family and friends. 


My visual representation is innovative because it tells a lot about me. For example, the colour of the earrings in the same colour as a tennis ball. That shows that I enjoy playing tennis. The necklace represents friendship, I thought that the necklace would be a friendship necklace representing that my friends are very important to me. Next is my clothing. The white coat represents that I want to be a doctor when I grow up, and the pink and purple shirt and skirt represents 2 of my 3 favourite colours. Moving on, the colour of my nails are blue. Blue is another one of my favourite colours. Last, is the flip-flops. This shows that I enjoy going to the beach. It is also in one of my favourite colours, blue. I developed this idea when I was working on my project by referring it back to the previous paragraph I wrote about myself. The website I used is ‘character creator’. It didn’t have many options that I like but in the end, I decided that I would make it work and created a model that represents a lot about me. What I enjoyed about my visual representation was that I got to choose what outfit I wanted, and the fact that I got to change the colour of the clothing made it even better! I also liked how you got to choose the shade of the colour you wanted instead of it only having one shade like hot pink or bright yellow. They also had different types of footwear so that you could choose from for different occasions. I thought that it was very fun to play around and experiment with it. If I were to do something to improve on my project for next time, I would spend more time on my character to make it look more like me. I would also spend more time on my paragraph and add a little more information to it about myself. I learned a lot about my creative abilities during this process. At first, I didn’t like the choices of clothing they gave us I thought that it didn’t match my style very much. That’s when I decided to experiment a bit with the colour of the clothing and tried if any of the pieces of clothing would go with something I would wear. After I was happy with the choices of my clothing, I started to add things that represent me more. In the end, I realized that my creative abilities were better than I thought it was before this project.

My Digital Footprint

When I searched myself up on google, I didn’t find me or my social media. instead, I found another person who was also named Judy Wong who was a doctor. I’m not surprised by anything since I didn’t post many things about myself online. i believe that people who found their digital footprint has posted many things about themselves online. a few of my friends. this shows that I’m very aware of what I post online.

I believe that my information follows two of the 5 C’s. They are the ‘control of identity’, and ‘cautious sharing of information’. this shows because I keep my identity and information secure so that no information will leak out.

I am aware that if any inappropriate things are out there in the public, it will affect my future. I may not get my dream job because the first thing people hiring you looks at, is your social media, seeing if you post anything inappropriate, or things that are not appropriate for their workplace. if they find out any information about you that is leaked out for everyone to see, it will definitely affect what people think of you and maybe end up with a job that you hate. Secondaries will look at you information to and you can end up in an education that you might hate. In addition, hat can also lead to you not having a proper education. Families and friends may think of you differently from when they first met you. If you post something like you vaping or doing drugs, it can be shared and sent out to you family. it can be shared to you grandparents and they can be so in shock that they’ll have a heart attack and die.

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innovation station- incandescent light bulbs

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A) Yes, I was able to identify this problem with ease. To find the problems and solutions about my innovation, I searched them up on reliable sources. I also have incandescent light bulbs and I don’t find them very efficient. I wrote down some of my problems with them and found out solutions to why it heats up so much with some research and examining it in person. 

B) Using the information I had for this project, I was able to imagine what it would look like I about 50 years from now. I recognized the problems with the incandescent light bulbs and thought of ways that would make it better. 

C) Yes, I was very satisfied with the result of my design and solutions. I fixed every problem the incandescent light bulbs had and made a unique and interesting light bulb with some extra materials people might find useful and fun! 

D) What I would refine in my assignment for next time is to spend more time on the slides and drawings to make them fancier and maybe add additional information to it. 


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American Revolution Timeline

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A) I knew that my sites were reliable because it was not on Wikipedia or any unreliable sources I know. Also, the information seems accurate from what I learned in class. 

B) I chose visme because it is easy to use and access. It also has lots of cool backgrounds and designs you can add to use to make your timeline stand out more. I did not add a background because I thought that if I left my background blank, the information and photos will stand out more. 

C)  I am satisfied by the result of my design because the information fit and pictures are evenly spread out and there are enough pictures to make my timeline colourful.  

D) I would add more information and make my timeline longer and more colourful to go above and beyond expectations.