I planned my meal to be salty, sweetly, and spicily. I checked the freezer and there were the ingredients of the dishes. So I planned to make them. The main dish is the pork belly with rice, the side dish is the kimchi, and the dessert is a waffle with ice cream. The main dish includes port belly, an egg, an onion, and the sauce. The sauce is made of soy sauce, sugar, and water. And the kimchi includes a cabbage, the red pepper powder, and some different powders. The dessert is waffle and ice cream. The ingredients of the foods are different, and I want to improve my measuring skills. I believe I showed strength in the cutting skills, and seasoning skills. I cut the ingredients off, and I seasoned the pork belly and the cabbage. In Korea, people’s favorite meat is the pork belly. So I decided to make the pork belly with rice. And the kimchi is the most famous Korean foods, so I chose this food.


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