My American Revolution Flipbook

American Revolution: Causes and Timeline | - HISTORY

Media Fluency Reflection

How was the ease of access in building your flipbook, despite this being the free and limited version of the software?

I found at first it was difficult to use but after a while I started to understand how to use the program better. I do still find some things are difficult to use and that some things are very slow.

Were you able to apply the skills you learned in the planning stages appropriately to a digital environment?

I found that writing down the information I gathered on each person before hand set me up well for the writing part. I didn’t end up making a rough draft of my cards but I think writing down the information was enough to get me started.

What were the sources you researched that made this an “authentic make-believe” American Revolution flipbook?

I used many different sources for information on each person I researched.

Is there other software online that could have done the job better? Did you use another software instead? Explain.

I don’t think there was another site online that would have done a better job because I think the end result of Flipsnack was very nice. But I think desk top power point would be easier and might make the flip book a bit more interesting. Also if I where to do this again I might try to find another site instead of Flipsnack.


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