For our second lab we made a simple scone with a compote of choice inside. Scones are one of my favourite things to eat because when I was younger my nana would throw tea parties and she would always serve simple scones with jam. For this lab I cooked alone, with no partner, so it was a challenge for me to get 2 peoples jobs done all by myself, but I am really proud of how I handled the lab and how my scones turned out. My scones met the product standards I had in mind of being golden brown, similar size and shape, moist and having flaky layers. To maintain flaky layers in scones you have to make sure you do not over mix the batter! Something unique in this recipe is the fact that we cut the butter in to the dry ingredients and the butter acts as the fat in this mixture. This recipe was a little more complex than the cookies, but it was still a good lab to better adjust back in to the kitchen! I hope to make these scones again but challenge myself with making a compote that I have never made before. Our compote was provided by our teacher and it added so much flavour to my scones, which made them even better! I hope to make a compote just as delicious and flavourful as my teachers!:)


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