Eggs Your way

For the “How do you like your eggs” foods lab I made a fried egg. We had multiple options of how to make eggs, but I chose a fried egg to make because its not something I really ever make. I found the fried egg was very easy to make, but I felt a lot if pressure when it came to cracking the egg because I didn’t want the yolk to break! Luckily my yolk did remain whole and it was cooked completely through, which was my preferred consistency. Both sides of my egg were golden brown, with their edges slightly crispy and the white of the egg was cooked, which meant my egg met product standards. For this lab I was back cooking with a group so I found it challenging to have four of us trying to utilize all 4 burners on the stovetop, but we cooperated really well and took turns in a way that everyones eggs turned out just how they wanted to. I was most proud of myself for choosing an egg I don’t regularly make, instead of choosing scrambled or cooked in the shell eggs, which I make all the time. I served my egg on a English muffin which I toasted so you could really feel the difference between the crispy muffin and the soft egg. I rated this dish a 4/5 because it felt like it needed more to go with it and it needed some more flavours to go with it. I will definitely make this dish again as its a great breakfast food because it gives you protein which starts your morning off right!


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