Rustic bread

For a lab to go hand in hand with shakshuka, we made a rustic bread. Making the bread looked like a pretty simple task, as there was only 5 ingredients in the recipe, but it turned out to be challenging. It was challenging for me because we were using warm water to activate the yeast and I felt like my water wouldn’t be warm enough to activate the yeast, and because of that my bread wouldn’t rise. In the end my bread rose just fine and turned out perfectly! My bread was nicely brown on the outside and its thick crust provided the crunch we were looking for. We made this bread to go along with the shakshuaka lab, as it was nice to dip it in and add that crunchy texture the shakshuka was lacking. I absolutely loved this bread and would make it again many times because of the simple ingredients and simple steps to making it. It is also a really great thing to make when having company over because it has that homemade taste, without the preservatives in bread from the store and would be impressive that you made your own bread! I rate this 5/5 stars because I loved it and when I made it for family and friends they had the same reaction!


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