Breakfast home lab

For my breakfast Home lab I made croissants, a tropical smoothie, and a traditional wife saver breakfast casserole. My meal was very inspired by my family‘s Christmas morning. For Christmas we always have wife saver casserole and croissants, So I decided to try it out for myself. Between all the dishes, my lab required oven, grater, knife and blender safety. To start I made my wife saver casserole a day earlier than I was going to serve it. The wife saver casserole is really unique, As it is an egg casserole with ham, cheese, bread and corn flakes. I had to do step one of this lab the night before I was going to serve it, which was soaking the bread in the egg so it would cook perfectly in the morning. Having this prep On the casserole the night before made everything so much easier on the day I was serving my meal. The next morning I added the ham and cheese and corn flake layer to my Casserole, and popped it in the oven. While my casserole was in the oven, I started my smoothie. This movie was a tropical smoothie, with a relatively easy recipe, that resulted in a sweet and tasty product. Once my casserole out of the oven and my croissant dough had risen enough, I popped the croissants in the oven and bake them until they were flaky and crispy on the outside. All of my dishes that contributed to making this meal hit their product standards. My wife saver casserole had to texture on each different layer, it was flavourful, and was golden brown. My croissants had flaky layers, Were golden brown and tasted buttery. My smoothie was well blended, was sweet and fairly thick. Throughout the lab I made sure I maintain a clean kitchen and I washed all the dishes after cooking. A skill you need to make this meal is time management and organization as you have lots of things cooking at the same time. That was the biggest challenge for me, making sure I had everything prepped and ready to go so I could place it in the oven. I would definitely make this meal again as it honoured my family’s Christmas morning tradition and it was super delicious. I rated this a 4.5 out of five, as the smoothie didn’t go super well with the other dishes, but it was still delicious! I loved my choice of recipes and so did my family:)


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