Chicken Supreme

For home cooking lab number six, I decided to make a meal that brought my family comfort food, a meal which consisted of chicken supreme, roasted sweet potatoes And roasted carrots.For dessert for this meal, I made my own cookies and cream ice cream. For the entirety of my meal, the safety I needed was for Lab was the oven, electric mixer, knife and the food processor. My biggest goal for this lab, was to successfully make the ice cream, as it was a new process to me! The chicken supreme recipe is something that has been passed down from my grandmother, and it basically is chicken marinated in a sour cream mixture and breaded in Panko bread crumbs. For the chicken I had to keep in mind my families dietary concerns, so I made a gluten-free batch and a regular batch. The roasted sweet potatoes and carrots were fairly easy, but roasting sweet potatoes i was challenged in seasoning them perfectly. The ice cream for dessert was a lengthy process, this is the most challenging part for me as I’ve never made a frozen dessert before and I wanted to make sure the cream didn’t turn into ice, but it froze in a way that it was creamy and soft but not solid. Something to keep in mind when cleaning up during this lab is the cross contamination with raw chicken. in this lab I got to put my knife skills to test when I was cutting the sweet potatoes into cubes that were similar size and shape. My chicken cooked to perfection and super flavourful. Overall every aspect of my meal met product standards and I have already made this exact meal again since I made it for my home lab! This lab is definitely one of the hardest I’ve done yet, as I was working with recipes and ingredients that I’ve never worked with before. A success for me and this lab was achieving the product standards of ice cream. I rate this meal a 5/5 and I would totally recommend this as a great meal when you are looking for comfort food!:)


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