Banana Muffins

For foods lab number three we made the best banana muffins I’ve ever had! This was my most challenging foods lab yet because I cooked all by myself and made a double batch. I was handling lots of ingredients and lots of steps and cleaning all by myself which was a big challenge, but I am really thankful that my teacher pushes me because I find I always learn lots about myself when I am challenged. I worked really efficiently and calmly and still finished with time to help others. For this recipe we used 2 leaving agents which were Baking soda, which helps the muffin expand and take its shape and baking powder helps it rise and take its peaked form. I was very happy with the texture and consistency of my muffins and the fact that I didn’t over mix them so they were chewy. Just like the scone recipe, in order to get the preferred consistency, in this case the soft moist muffin tops and centres you can’t over mix the batter. For the muffins, once we added wet ingredients in to the dry you only stir 10-12 times until “just combined” so your muffin has its preferred consistency and a pebbled surface. I rated this muffin a 4/5 because it had some fruit in it which makes it a bit healthier and it doesn’t have a heavy amount of sugar like a muffin from Starbucks or Tim Hortons would. Like the cookies, these muffins don’t have too much nutritional value to them, but they are more nutritious than cookies because they have banana in them. I have made these muffins again and I will continue to as they are a great thing to eat for breakfast!


For our second lab we made a simple scone with a compote of choice inside. Scones are one of my favourite things to eat because when I was younger my nana would throw tea parties and she would always serve simple scones with jam. For this lab I cooked alone, with no partner, so it was a challenge for me to get 2 peoples jobs done all by myself, but I am really proud of how I handled the lab and how my scones turned out. My scones met the product standards I had in mind of being golden brown, similar size and shape, moist and having flaky layers. To maintain flaky layers in scones you have to make sure you do not over mix the batter! Something unique in this recipe is the fact that we cut the butter in to the dry ingredients and the butter acts as the fat in this mixture. This recipe was a little more complex than the cookies, but it was still a good lab to better adjust back in to the kitchen! I hope to make these scones again but challenge myself with making a compote that I have never made before. Our compote was provided by our teacher and it added so much flavour to my scones, which made them even better! I hope to make a compote just as delicious and flavourful as my teachers!:)

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

For my first cooking lab of the semester, I made a batch of delicious chocolate chip oatmeal cookies! The recipe for the cookies was relatively simple and was a great way for me to get back in to the Centennial kitchen. Since this was such a simple recipe, it was a great way for everyone to get back and used to working in the kitchen at school, using the equipment and getting used to working with each other, which is why we did this lab first. The method for this cookie was a flour mixture and a quick bread, which followed the drop cookie method. This cookie is a drop cookie because the batter is sticky/creamy and needs to be dropped in to the similar size and shape product standard. I was so happy because my process of making the cookies worked out really well, which translated in to the product meeting our standards! My cookies were golden brown, similar size and shape and they were perfectly chewy, just how I like them. For me a challenge in this lab was getting used to working with new people and trying to remember where all the equipment was in the unit, but once I got started it all came back to me. I rated this recipe a 4.5 because we used simple ingredients, that we can pronounce and that aren’t made to last. These cookies don’t have much nutritional value, but they make a delicious snack or desert, which is why I would totally make them again. This lab reminded me of why I love foods and made me so happy to back:)

Most Memorable Food Experience

My most memorable food experience was at the Pacific Wharf Cafe in Disney California adventure, with their broccoli cheddar soup in a sourdough bowl. On my families annual Disneyland trip last year, my whole family was extremely hungry and couldn’t think of anything to eat other than soup in a bread bowl. We always get this soup because it is so flavourful and creamy which contrasts with the crisp and sourness of the bread. The bread softened in the soup and then it just melts in your mouth while your sitting under the hot Californian sun. I normally get the tomato soup in a bread bowl, but last year my mom and sister told me to try the broccoli cheddar soup because it was their favourite. I figured since my mom and sister liked it so much it had to be good! They were so right because the broccoli was soft and cooked to perfection and the strong cheddar flavour came through just the right amount. The most amazing part of this is that eating at the Pacific Wharf is a tradition for my family, and in addition the fact that we got to introduce our youngest cousins to the delicious tradition. I was surrounded by my loved ones in the happiest place on earth and I got to eat my favourite food, so it was an amazing experience and the atmosphere probably contributed to why I love the soup so much.