Basic Crepes

For this lab we made basic crepes, with a filling of our choice. This was my first time making crepes and I thought it would be a much harder process then it turned out to be! The crepe recipe consisted of 6 simple ingredients and the cooking process was simple as well. In my group everyone was struggling making their crepes perfectly thin, but I had some beginners luck and was able to make my crepes thin and help everyone else achieve thin crepes. The product standards were to be golden brown and thin, so we can fold in our filling. My partner and I made a blueberry filling which went great with the soft crepe. We also made our own whipped cream which added another layer of sweetness to this delicious dish. I rated my crepe a 4/5 because I loved the dish but I felt my filling could’ve been sweeter and cooked for a little longer to make it softer. A personal success I had in this lab was the fact that my crepes turned out so well and thin on my very first time making them!