Today in foods class we made gyoza. We started by cutting the cabbage up finely and soaking it in water and salt. We then combined the spices, green onion and meat with the cabbage, and mixed it together well with our hands. Next we took dumpling wrappers and wrapped the meat mixture into the wrappers. Once of pans had heated up we cooked the gyoza for about 3 minutes before adding water and sesame oil into the pan. We let the gyoza cook for about 4 more minutes while we washed and dried the dishes. Once the gyoza was slightly brown and crispy we drizzled the gyoza sauce overtop and ate them. These tasted amazing and very fresh, I liked them a lot better then frozen ones you buy from the grocery store. I would give them a 6/10 for nutrition because they contain a lot of veggies and protein but they also have a lot of oil in them. I would definitely make these and eat them again because they tasted great!


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