Scallop Potatoes

In class today we made scallop potatoes out of very simple ingredients. I started by thinly slicing the onion and 2 potatoes. I then sautéed the onions until they were fragrant. In a separate pot I melted butter, milk, salt and pepper, and dry mustard and whisked it on medium until it was incorporated and bubbling. I then added in shredded cheese and whisked it again until the sauce began to thicken. I spread half the potatoes on the bottom of my greased baking dish. I then spread on the onions and half the cheese sauce, I topped it with the rest of the potatoes and cheese sauce and extra shredded cheese on top. I cooked it all in the oven for about an hour. These scallop potatoes were really good, next time I would add less cheese though, but I would eat these again for sure. When they came out of the oven the potatoes were tender and the cheese had melted and thickened really nicely. I would give these a 5/10 for nutrition because it has a lot of cheese in it. I think these would have tasted even better if I had put green onions overtop. Overall I think this recipe is really good, and easy to follow.


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