Sheperds Pie

In class today we made Sheperds pie. I started by cutting up the onions, carrots, potatoes and garlic. My partner then started to cook the potatoes in boiling water, while I started to cook the onions and ground beef. I sprinkled flour and poured some of the potato water overtop of the beef and onions. I then added in the carrots and kept cooking it all together. Once the potatoes had finished cooking we mashed them and added milk and butter to them. Finally we put the frozen peas and corn into the meat mixture and poured it over the bottom of the pan. We divided the mashed potatoes in half as well and put it overtop of the meat and veggies. Once we got home we then cooked the shepherds pie for about 25 minutes. This shepherds pie was amazing. The potatoes were creamy and the meat and veggies were perfectly seasoned and cooked. I would give this a 7/10 for nutrition and I would make this recipe again. I found this recipe slightly harder then some of out other recipes, but cooking it actually went really well!


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