Yam gnocchi

For this home lab I made Yam Gnocchi. The left overs that inspired this meal where yams in my fridge For this assignment i used yams from my fridge . That where already boiled and crushed thema potato strainer to crush them. all i had to do was seasoned them. then i followed the recipe boiled them and enjoyed them. this is the recipe i used- if i where to make this again i would definitely add more seasoning. (ex. garlic powder, fresh garlic and more salt) problems i face where mixing it because it was super sticky and rolling because do not have a gnocchi board. I overcame them by mixing till it was less tacky and more smooth and just cutting them and not really shaping them. I’m most proud of the preparation and prep i worked hard to get everything hard to get it all ready before i started cooking. For this meal i’m most proud of is the finial product because i have never made this before.


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