Cooking at home #1

For this cooking at home lab I decided to make chicken noodle soup.

For this home lab I made chicken noodle soup, using a carton of chicken noodle soup broth, one cube of chicken noodle soup broth and one cube of veggie soup. I used those ingredients to make the broth; and I used onions carrots and celery for the vegetables. And I also used these noodles that looked like wagon wheels and i used pre cooked chicken. After i did that i used seasoning and other thins to give it some flavor.

  • For this I somewhat a recipe, I just based it off and adding in some things I had and some other seasonings, I mainly used it to figure out what to put in it and how to so it. This is what i used…
  • If I where to make this again, I would not change anything because I really liked it.
  • The challenges I faced was taking apart the chicken was super gross and sad. And i fixed it by just doing it fast.
  • my greatest success was the final dish. Because i really liked it and i made it for my aunt too and it was also super good with is a great success.
  • I am most proud the cutting of my vegetables and getting them all about the same sizes and cutting the onions really good.

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