My Tribute Costume

Who I Am Who are you? It’s a question that’s been asked at least 10 times a lifetime, and there’s still a million possible answers to it. I know my answer to that question, and I’m sure it’s as unique as any other answer. I have been described as: quiet, supportive, and positive. In reality,… More My Tribute Costume

My Digital Footprint

The word ‘digital footprint’ is, simply, your online activity/identity. This includes everything from social media accounts all the way to filling out online forms. What I found when I ‘Googled’ myself was somewhat surprising, yet I wasn’t overly surprised. My current digital footprint consists of a couple social media accounts. What I found when I… More My Digital Footprint

My Favorites

Favorite Youtube Clip I enjoy watching this clip because it combines real life situations with the fun of animation and cartoon characters. The clip shows the struggles, daydreams, and expectations of buying clothes with the added bonus of sarcasm and humor. It’s great when I need something to cheer me up, or something to help… More My Favorites