My Tribute Costume

Who I Am

Who are you? It’s a question that’s been asked at least 10 times a lifetime, and there’s still a million possible answers to it. I know my answer to that question, and I’m sure it’s as unique as any other answer.

I have been described as: quiet, supportive, and positive. In reality, I can be both quiet and talkative – opposites attract. At times, I can be supportive and helpful, but there are always moments where I am definitely not in the mood to help. And unless you count sarcastic remarks as positive – I would not say that I’m positive.

As the person I am today, I would describe myself as hardworking, loyal and blunt. Hardworking, since I always try my best (as long as I like something). Loyal, because I’ll be there for you – with a few exceptions, of course. And blunt, since sometimes I can be a bit blunt.

Some of my interests include reading, or watching movies. I particularly like reading fiction novels, or action movies. I also enjoy playing badminton, and bugging people. Funnily, I’m also cold most of the time, so I like to wear extra layers – jackets…

But from a personal perspective, I feel like my cultural heritage has also played a part in who I am. The cultural events and celebrations (Chinese New Year…) have taught me more about my heritage, and that for some reason, red is a lucky color in my culture. Certain good luck charms and red envelopes have also created a backdrop that represents not only me, but a group of people who share the same culture as me.

As an individual, I would probably be considered typical. But if you take in my personality, heritage and values, I would say that I am unique.


I would say the necklace was pretty innovative, since it is similar to the jade necklaces that some people of my heritage wear. It would be symbolic, as it represents something that is real (the necklaces). Throughout this project, I generated ideas while writing up the ‘Who I Am’ paragraph. As I was writing, I thought of what represents me, and worked on the outfit as I was writing. For example, I prefer to be in comfortable clothes first, and fashionable clothes second. The flip flops, and the ripped jeans represent this. I also chose to wear the jacket because I’m typically always cold, so having a jacket would warm me up. The jacket could also represent the place I live in (it’s cold depending on the season). I enjoyed having the freedom to design my own outfit, without being limited by anything (asides from the limited number of clothing items). If I re-did this project again, I would try to draw my own character, since that would give me the freedom to use different pieces of clothing or accessories. Overall, I think my creative ability is based on my imagination – the things that I have just read or have stuck in my mind the most.


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