American Revolution Timeline


For this assignment, I used information from the Crossroads textbook and online sources to create my project. I figured my sources were pretty reliable, since some of them came from well known or official websites (The Royal Family’s website), and others had an author cited on the page. The textbook was also a credible resource, since its used by teachers.

The medium I chose was This website provides a variety of designs, such as: presentations, brochures and, of course, timelines. I decided Canva would be a good tool for me since it had lots of bright colors and interesting templates. This would draw attention from readers, keeping them hooked on my timeline. The template I chose is also geared towards my audience (students and teachers) since it’s not too simple, and the color choices also suit youth and adults. From a personal perspective, I felt that all the mediums shown (Canva, Powerpoint, Sway..) were suited for this project, as all of them provided many different templates and ideas.

Overall, I would say that this project is a success. The design was pretty straightforward and simple, and the text and element features really helped bring it all together. Canva also allows you to modify the colors of the background, which I felt was an added bonus. If I could make this assignment better, I would most likely try to make the general project more visually appealing, since I felt that there were too many words., making the space a bit cluttered.


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