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My Bio

I was born in South Africa, I moved to Canada with my family in 2019. It has been quite a journey.  We love to explore the icy blue lakes around BC. Ice blue is my favorite color. I love walking in the forest imagining I am an explorer in faraway times. When it’s raining, I like to watch movies. One of my favorite movies is the Transformers saga.  Since coming to Canada I had to try a lot of new foods, but I have to say pizza is still my favorite food.  If I could go somewhere, I would want to go to Hawaii. I miss my family in South Africa, I want them to come to Canada and let them live here too. One of the people I miss most is my grandmother. She comes and visit us ones a year but could not come this year due to Covid.  We are looking forward to her visit next year.  I have made new friends in Canada and I would like to make more friends in the future.   

My favorite Image

I like this image because I like the looks and funny things they do.

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Quote that means something important to you

life is to short to spend it at war with your self.

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