Final Cooking at Home

today I made pasta with salad and apple pie.

I planned my meal to be tasty, I also planned my meal to be very good looking. I decided to do this dish because I really like pasta and Caesar salad is my favourite salad and I really like apple pie. I just made my most favourite meals to eat for my dishes. thats how I decided to make these dishes. my meal was very tasty and tasted really good. it smelt great as well, especially the apple pie. some similarities are that all my dishes tasted amazing. differences are that some of my dishes are cold such as the Caesar salad and warm things such as the pie and the pasta. I think I did my best and I don’t think it needs to be changed. I showed strength in the following skills, knife skills because I did a lot of cutting and I think I am doing really well in my knife skills. my dish reflects with who I am. I really like pasta so thats why I chose it. my other dishes are also one of my favourites so thats why I chose these dishes.


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