Digital Footprint

                                      Larry Washburn

                As I searched my name, I found my Facebook page and that anyone can look at my photos if they click “see photos” and log into their existing account. The thing that I learned from that is I must keep all my social platforms on private and look at who I am letting look at my profile.

My social media is not all private, I like people to be able to know who I am before they pop up. Sometimes I will let random people who I do not know look at my personal things that I have public to followers but private to the public. There are online petitions and accounts you can follow and for example they will donate 1$ for every post shared. Its very important to not allow people to steal your identity. What could work is only sharing photos of your face and surrounding areas with certain people. That is also why you need to be careful of sharing personal things, because people can and will use them against you. Instagram has a great and useful setting that can let you post things on a “close friends” theme and you get to pick who can and can not view it. You can also control commenting and messages, but there is negative and constructive commenting, they are both connected. When you are negative about something, there will be people who choose to take your side and they can become a nuisance. I avoid that by turning the comments off in the comments section. I can create an account to sell items online with the right information, but you can also risk giving away your location and other information to people, everything comes with a price.

What you post on the internet can effect your future career for example: If you post a racist comment or picture, it has a ton of opportunities to get posted all over the internet along with your name. and nobody is going to want to hire a racist person.  Also, the things you post about others also influences you, people might not look at you the same and can see you as a backstabber and a liar.

You can: turn off commenting, do background check on people you do not know, only trust a few people.

I learned that just because your things are private it does not mean that people can not see it.


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