Chocolate Chip Cookies

My dad has been begging me for the last couple weeks to make these cookies that were released from a hotel that were very well known for their cookies, he told me, “people just go to the hotel to have the cookies,” with all the Easter candy I had I didn’t want to make them but eventually I made them to make him happy. This recipe was different from other cookie recipes, They added cinnamon and lemon juice. I was surprised lemon juice was asked for. I followed the recipe but left out Walnuts because I don’t like them. Another thing about the recipe that was different was the baking heat was 300 and you had to bake them for twenty minutes. I have to say after baking them, they were extremely tasty cookies. Probably one of my favorite cookies I’ve ever had. I think I ate 5 cookies in one day! I just couldn’t hep myself.


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