Morning Breakfast

I decided to cook a breakfast one morning because I was really missing going to IHOP or Denny’s so I thought I would try to create a meal like theirs. TO start it off I searched up a recipe for hash browns that had good reviews, I chopped up Onion and the skinned the potato, after that i cut the potato into bite size pieces. I put butter in the pan and let it melt. I added the onions and potatoes. It had to cook for 20 minutes with stirring occasionally. So in the meantime I cooked my sausage and made my eggs when there was five minutes left before the hash browns were done. It was so worth the weight, the hash browns took a bit longer to cook than expected but nothing went cold before I started to eat. It reminded me of Breakfast restaurants like I wanted so I believe it was a success. I would make all three parts of my dish again because they all complimented each other very well and there wasn’t too much of a certain type of flavor or taste. It was also very filling!


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