Tikka masala

This meal was delicious! I was wanting to make butter chicken but I couldn’t find two essential spices so I had to choose something different but similar. It needed one of the same spices as the butter chicken but I just searched up alternative spices to use instead so I could still make it. Instead of garam masala, I used curry but when I was eating it, I couldn’t taste anything off, it was so flavourful, probably the most flavourful dish i’ve made so far. The chicken needed to marinate for ten minutes to an hour or over night if possible but I chose the recipe just before making dinner so I let it sit for twenty minutes but it still was really moist. The only problem I had was the rice, I followed the instructions on the package to make it for 6 people and it for some reason barely had enough for 4. There was 5 of us eating and my mother was eating later due to a massage so I had enough to make more for her. Other than that, everything else turned out very well. I would make this meal again, it tasted delightful, next time I make it I will make nan bread to go with it!


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