Vanilla Buttercream Cake

This week I have another sweet tooth and wanted to make mini cupcakes but we didn’t own any mini cupcake trays so I decided to make a cake instead. I didn’t want it to be just boring vanilla cake so I decided to add sprinkles in and on top of it. I haven’t made any cakes recently, except the cheesecake one but that’s different so I found it more fun to make than cookies because I make cookies all the time. I only had two eggs left and the recipe asked for three but while eating the cake, I didn’t notice any differences. The cake was dense and sweet. The cake disappeared within three days! The only challenge I had was it was supposed to cook for 30-35 minutes but it ended up cooking for almost an hour because the recipe asked for two layers, meaning two different cake tins but I don’t own two of the same size so I just made it in one bigger one. It still worked out really well and I would make this cake again in a heartbeat. It was delicious!


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