Lava Cake

This recipe was one I found off the internet, it asked for icing sugar instead of granulated sugar and it turned out well. I shared this with my boyfriend because it was big and meant for two people, it was rich and of course gooey in the inside. I added some icing sugar to the top to give it a better presentation and it turned out well. the recipe asked for similar things to the one you provided, I needed to whip the egg for a long amount of time till it was fluffy. It took a bit longer to cook than the recipe called for because I used a cast-iron dish, it was bigger than the recipe asked for. It tasted so delightful and I would 100% make this again, I love chocolate lava cakes, they are so delicious and it wasn’t hard to make, more just time consuming. I would recommend this dish to anyone that has a sweet tooth and love rich chocolate desserts!


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