Banana Pancakes

In the last few months I have been trying to eat healthier, although at dinner time I eat like I usually do because it’s hard not to eat what my family eats and I love cooking food that has carbs in it. For breakfast this week I wanted something that has some carbs in it so I decided to make pancakes that have bananas in it so I felt like it was somewhat healthy. In half of them I added chocolate chips because my sweet tooth betrayed me that day. I usually never have fruits in my pancakes, I like them plain or with something sweet like chocolate chips but I found it really delicious. It wasn’t hard to make, I followed a recipe from online that I found and it was pretty simple to follow. I have had bad experiences with cooking pancakes on my stove because the heating is hotter than it really is so they outside burns before the inside is fully cooked through but I was really happy with the final product. They were golden brown and fluffy, exactly how I wanted them to be!


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