Chicken Parmesan Pasta

For the main meal this week I decided to make pasta and garlic bread, a lot of carbs. If I could change anything about this meal, it would be having a vegetable in it. I honestly completely forgot about a vegetable until I was writing about this. I liked the recipe for the pasta, I would definitely make it again, it was so creamy and delightful. I wasn’t planning to make garlic bread but my mom went to the store because I needed onions for the pasta and she also got bread so I decided to make it into garlic bread. The bread was so yummy! It was a perfect side meal for the pasta. This is probably one of my favourite meals, I’ve made because it made me work on my knife skills, time management, and my cooking skills. The pasta wasn’t thick enough so to fix it, I problem solved by adding corn starch into it, it worked well and it doesn’t have a taste so no one notice it. For the garlic bread, I blended butter and garlic together into a paste and drizzled it on top of the bread, then I added some parmesan and then put it in the oven! Everything was done at the same time!


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