Greek Week

This was top down one of my favourite meals to make! It had so much flavours and tastes. I’m not sure if I have ever had greek food at a restaurant but now I want to go there asap. It makes me hungry just thinking about this meal. It too two days to make, on the first day I prepared the potatoes by adding everything together and par cooking them and for the chicken I mixed everything together and let it marinate overnight. This made it much easier for the next day so everything could be done at the same time. On the second day, I first made the pita bread and let the dough sit aside, while I put the potatoes and chicken in the oven, I then started to cook the pitas. While flipping the pitas every once and awhile, I started making the greek salad and once that was done I finished off with the tzatziki sauce. No one complained about this meal, it was so delicious and I really want to make it again in the summer because it tasted like heaven. For the cookies, I made them after washing the dishes but these didn’t turn out as well. While following this recipe I added the amount of salt, it seemed like a lot but I trusted the recipe and I regretted that decision because all I could notice while eating them was the salt. Other than that everything turned out perfectly!


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