Final home cooking task

Nachos with guacamole, salsa and sour cream
Burger with fries
Lava cake

My family traditions

I made a meal with foods I knew my family would enjoy. We like to bbq especially when the weather is nice. A new part of our tradition is including vegetarian cooking for my sister. I chose nachos because they are a social thing to share eating together. Visually the meal looked yummy, with cheesy taste to the nachos, and a  lovely chocolate scent while baking the lava cakes and there were nice lightly crispy fries. I loved the sounds of my family sharing the nachos – laughter and talking.

I planned and cooked/baked it all myself and helped with the cleanup. I’m proud of myself for making a whole meal with dessert to share with my family. My mom loved that she didn’t need to make dinner.

I have made lava cakes and burgers before. I have become good at making lava cakes because of done it several times. I made nachos without a recipe and my own guacamole. These things reflect that I like trying to do new things and I can become good at it by doing it more than once (practice).  These dishes show that I am Canadian and live in a community with outdoor space to bbq and a family to share the meal with at home.


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