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I made Raspberry Cream Cheese French Toast Roll-ups, with egg, cheese, hashbrown and ham cups. I also made a creamy blueberry, banana smoothie to drink with it. It turned out extremely good. The hashbrown egg cups were cheesy and delicious, and the french toast roll-ups were a perfect balance of sweet and savoury. The cream cheese really complimented the raspberry sauce.

What went well for me was making the french toast roll-ups. I had a system going between soaking, frying, spreading the sauces and rolling, that worked really well and efficiently.

What I could work on for next time would be the hashbrowns. They were sticking to the pan, and so I kept adding more oil, thinking it would help, but I ended up drenching them. Once I put them with the eggs and ham, you couldn’t notice how soaked in oil they were though, which was good, and the cups turned out really well. I will for sure make these again because I loved them.

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