o Tell us what you made! What leftover item(s) inspired this meal? left over chicken and rice which I made into teriyaki chicken fried rice

o Use the 5 senses to write a description, smell, it smelled very much like teriyaki and chicken, feel, the chicken was soft and juicy. taste, it tasted like teriyaki chicken, look, it looked very juicy and good. heard n/a

o Did you use a recipe or did you make it up? If you have a link to a recipe or a photo that you can share of it, please do! n/a I made it up on the fly

o If you were to make this dish again, what would you change? add more chicken and teriyaki sauce.

o What challenges did you have to overcome? How did you overcome them? none it was a very easy dish to make

o What was your greatest success in this dish (either in the final product, or in the preparation)? Why? the end product due to it being easy to make and being more rewarding at the end when u can eat it.

o What are you most proud of about this experience? Why? that it tasted good and wasnt bad because I dont like bad food


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