• Tell us what you made!¬†borscht soup
  • Use the 5 senses to write a description, It smelled really fragrant and tomato like. It looked red with white floating pieces of cabbage. It tasted like canned tomato with a really nice fried onion and flavorful base. It was soupy with chunks ¬†¬†

o If you were to make this dish again, what would you change? I fried the cabbage too long I would fry it less.

o What challenges did you have to overcome? How did you overcome them? The only challenges I had were maintaining the frying pans and I didn’t screw up to bad but I did kinda burn the cabbage.

o What was your greatest success in this dish (either in the final product, or in the preparation)? Why? The preparation it was more fun to make because I didn’t enjoy the dish very much just because there was no meat in the dish.

o What are you most proud of about this experience? Why That I could make it with some help and it was eat right away when it was off the burner which I guess I was most proud of.


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