Thin Crust Pizza


I had a lot of fun making my own pizza. Making the dough was easy, it was just important that we really read the recipe and knew how to activate the yeast. Our water could have been warmer to activate it faster. The most difficult part for me was probably kneading the dough with my hands and flattening it. Sometimes it would be really thin and would just break and it would not stretch long enough. It was a lot of trial and error with trying to get it as thin as I could without having to restart. For the toppings, I went a little overboard with the sauce, but the mushrooms and spinach was a great combination. I made sure to cut the mushrooms into really thin slices and julienne the spinach to sprinkle all over the pizza. The cheese was also cut into thin slices. I learned that having a minimalist pizza is so much better than one that’s over stuffed. The flavours were not too overpowering and i didn’t feel bad, like I do if I ate Pizza Hut. I really loved making this.

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