Spinach Ricotta Agnolotti/Ravioli


The pasta went really well. This method was the pasta cookery and a flour mixture.The kneading of the dough went well because I knew my way around the kitchen aid pasta maker and it took less time. I learned that for next time if the dough gets too long to cut it because it makes it easier. It’s also important to dust flour so that it’s not wet. I learned to do that from the last pasta lab. I’m really glad that the garlic did not burn. The important key part of this recipe was making sure that the timing was right. I felt like this was harder than it should have been. The part where I struggled with was cutting the dough in squares and stretching it. They did not meet the product standards because they were not all similar in size and shape. However, I did make it work to the best of what i could do. The brown butter sauce added a nice flavour and it complimented the pasta really well. It was good because it was not overpowering. This was better than I expected.

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