Faux Turkey Dinner


I was not here for the first day of the lab, which was making the chicken and stuffing. The first day was more about preparation and planning and the second was the cooking process. I had to be much more attentive and alert about what to do since I was not there. This lab was also about timing so that the food would still be hot. I made sure to set the table properly and apply proper etiquette. Our mash potatoes met the product standards of being fluffy, soft and creamy. We also added garlic to the mash potatoes which added a flavour booster. The carrots were cut in rounds and they were nice and tender, with a bit of sweetness. There was no more maple syrup so we had to substitute brown sugar, which tasted just as good. The timing was a bit off. We were rushing and started to plate our food when our chicken was not even cut. Our food was not cold, but it was not hot either, it was just warm. Its important that next time we follow and read the instructions. Also to take our time and follow all the steps, than to rush and have things missing. The flavours of the chicken and stuffing was very thanksgiving/fall like.

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