Our Utopia City: Newer York

Our Values

Freedom- Freedom is very important to have a happy community. The boat represents our value of freedom well because everyone has the right to travel. Also, everyone has freedom within the city because we are a tolerant and welcoming community that accepts people of all sorts.

Safety- Feeling safe and secure is an important value to the city. The police station located downtown makes sure that the community feels safe and secure everywhere. Trusted people are employed to work at the police station, so they are approachable and can enforce laws effectively. 

Education- The education of future generations is important and in included in our city’s values. The library stands at an area with lots of traffic, so students and passersby can simply pick up a book to read and study. We also provide education to each and every student to make sure that the future of the community is in good hands. 

Family- Family ties are important, and that value is represented in the homes we have built around the city. The homes are medium sized, so families can all live together and stay connected. We chose this value because we believe that long lasting relationships in the family are important. 

Recreation- A community needs some relaxation and recreation to be successful. A golf course was added to make sure that the community is enjoying themselves and having fun. This helps spread the positivity and good vibes throughout the city.  

Communication Reflection

This project is about a utopian society and how we show our values of the society. Me and my partner communicated very, if we needed help we would ask each other and we would try our best to, when a question was asked it was answered almost immediately. In our group we both put an even amount of work, I was in charge of taking screenshots of the buildings in a high definition way and I also came up with a lot of the values, while my partner was in charge of doing most of the writing and he came up with a few values as well. The reason we chose these roles for each other was because my partner is very good with writing, while I am very good at coming up with ideas/values and I have the ability to take pictures with high resolution due to slightly better equipment. My partner and I worked very well, we worked efficiently and quickly. There were only very minor problems that were easily fixable, but if there were problems that one could not fix, the other would most likely help almost immediately. I am extremely satisfied with the final product, I don’t think it could have been done any better.


Minecraft city template: https://www.greenfieldmc.net


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