Our Utopian City

FNR city

BY Fabian, Nathan and Rohan

Nature/environment- for nature we have lake, forest, crops and a farm. we need this because trees are good for air and crops and a farm will be good for wildlife plants and food. A lake because I think lakes are a good source of water and fun to play in also it looks nice.

Belonging- all the houses are close together so almost everyone knows each other. Their are a lot of activities like a park, playground, gym, forest, lake, and soccer so people can have fun and make lots of friends.

health- we have a hospital so if anyone gets hurt the people at the hospital can help. we also have good mental health because every one is close to each other.

fitness- we have different places for fitness like soccer, playground, park, and gym because its good for you and its fun. we have lots of things you can do for fitness you can get a job at the farm. you can also play on the park or go to the gym and have a workout, you can also sign up for the soccer team. their are also more calm types of exercise like a walk, run or jog in the woods also swimming in the lake.

symbolic colours

green- green represents nature because their is green everywhere

Communication reflection

This project is about working together with your group to design your utopian city. We used Paint.net to create our city. We worked in a group of 3 and talked with text and email. We spent the first day thinking about what our city should have and what it should look like. We also talked about the values we would put into it. We had a lot of ideas but we didn’t use most of them because it would be a lot work for us. I came up with the ideas and talked to Rohan about what to draw. Even though most of my ideas like a stadium were to hard so we didn’t do a lot of them. Rohan drew the pictures and took helped with brainstorming and took out the ideas that would be to hard to draw and Fabian helped with brainstorming. I’d say we worked good together, we all shared similar ideas but Rohan wanted to do the drawing and most of it on his own and me and Fabian wanted to help more. We faced problems on the first day, we were originally going to use Minecraft but we ran into issues. i couldn’t use 2 things at once and it would be too hard to build. we also were having a hard time using the laptop’s touchpad so we changed to drawing our design. I like what how it ended up though , we found out after a while like after he was finished Rohan had to restart a couple of times I felt bad and wanted to help. but he didn’t want us to but I guess I wouldn’t help to much because I am bad at art. he thinks the map looks bad but i think it looks amazing it didn’t have much on it but everything their looked great.


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