my most successful lab

My most successful lab my breakfast hash. Smelled like eggs and potato’s and there was some onions smell. the Noise was the onions sizzling and the potato’s in the microwave and the eggs on the frying pan. The taste was potato’s and eggs and Brussel sprouts and a small taste of onions. It looked really fancy it has two eggs and lots of different chunks of potato’s and more. It felt bumpy and moist. this is my most successful lab because it looks really good and yummy. I think we met the product standards because it looked really good and it tasted good and all of the veggies were cooked and all of the veggies were kind of the same size and there were lots of flavors. there was one challenge it was making sure the potato’s were cooked. My greatest success was probably the final product because it just looked very good and something I would eat and I don’t really like eggs. I am most proud of the lab because it looks really good and it had a lot of flavors. In this lab I learned a lot of knife skills how to cut different ways to cut the veggies and how to play with flavors.


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