Biology 12 Core competencies Self Assessment


Cooperation–Earlier this semester one first dissections was a competition on who could successfully remove the largest digestional track we included, the Stomach, throat, large and small intestines, and the rectum. Because the intestinal walls were so thin they would tear a lot which happened at least once to me and my partner so you had to take your time using for fingers to pull and unravel the digestion tract for the most length because you had to do it by hands it would take alot longer so sometimes me and my partner which places to gives our hands break in total it took us about two hours we had to stay after school, but in the end we got third place.

Photography 12

I can create new topics by taken inspiration with pre established ones 

When doing our color theory assignments, we were taught how to do color corrections, like if there was stain on someone’s clothes, we could use the color corrections tool to change a color that we didn’t like to one we did, or we could use the blur tool to essentially erase the stains, another thing we were taught were multiple ways to make something black and white like manipulating the R.G.B values or using a black and white filter, the point is that we learned up to 4 ways to do one thing, this useful if say you were trying to make something black white quickly you use the black and white filter and if there’s a hole that’s show some white you can use the blur tool to cover the small hole or color correction if it’s a certain shade of white like if you the photo was taken on a cloudy day and the photo has two white tone 

Wood Working 12

My current project is making a nightstand with a drawer to go along with a stool project I’m making so it’s like a set. The actual process of breaking out the pieces went perfectly and when I assembled it, I thought it fit together well, but when I unclamped it notice there was a gap between the back panel and the side of 1/8 so I had to find something to fill in the gap. So rather than cutting out a new piece, I thought I could probably find a piece that could fit that 1/8 hole because that’s a pretty even measurement so I went to the table saw bin and found a piece of scrap that was 1/8 by 8 inches and cut it down on the scroll saw to the proper length

Industrial revolution project


I know my information was correct because I used multiple sources



I chose canva because it was easy and recommend by Mr. basso

I am quite proud of by project but I wished I posted it sooner.

Electric Power Project

My power Point

And my Text document for extra info