Ravioli with Brown Butter Sauce

In senior Foods we created our own ravioli. We made our very own homemade pasta dough with a cheese filling. One of our methods we learned/did was pasta cookery. Included in the cheese filling was ricotta, spinach and a variety of other cheeses.

I was ill when the class was making the dough for the pasta and creating the ravioli. Therefore I made my own ravioli at home. Making it at home I did not feel rushed and was very comfortable in the environment. One of my issues when making the ravioli was there was no one I was able to ask for help. After a while I was able to find my own rhythm and my pasta was successful!

I would definitely make this dish again! Even though it takes a little extra effort, the outcome is great! The pasta was not over or undercooked and had incredible flavors incorporated in the dish. This recipe was a 5/5 for sure!


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