My Tribute Costume

My identiy

At first glance I wouldn’t look threatening; I am only 4’11, thin, soft. But I can use these things to my advantage. Being a overall small person I can get away with hiding in cramped, tiny space, my opponents will need a good aim to shoot me down. I can be flexible mentally and physically. This is going to be useful for coming up with solutions as problems arises. As far as physically flexible I can some what climb a tree, and make my feet touch my head if that ever becomes useful in the Hunger Games. I can sometimes think with my heart and not my brain which can get me in trouble so if I went to the games i will need to watch out for that.


I think that what is innovative about my costume is that I have a wet suit on so I can stay dry and warm especially through out the night. I have a belt that has compartments to put my valuable in. So that my hands are free to move incase another tribute moves upon me. A couple of examples that I can use my nails for is cutting up tape, food, and if need be a person. I made sure that her hair is out of the way so she can see clearly. How I came up with the design is by looking at my options and picking what is the most useful to me when the games begin. I like the fact that I had choices and control of my costume. I don’t think I would change my costume because I think that it came out pretty well and how I wanted it to look. I learned that being creative is not only drawing of painting but you can do it digitally


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