My Digital Footprint

Right now we are all living in a world where technology and social media exists. I have access to both of these sources, and use them frequently in my daily life. When I tried to Google myself I wasn’t too shocked with the results when my Instagram and Facebook came up. I clicked on them but it didn’t show me anything because I have both of my accounts on private. Like suggested I tried putting my name in quotation marks and also adding the city to see if it would change something but it stayed the same. One of an example of the five C’s that I already have in my digital footprint is being cautious of sharing information. I always keep my social media on private so that I have some control over who could see my posts but, also I do only will post things that I wouldn’t mind for my parents and others to see.

In the future I will probably will continue on using the media and will keep growing my digital footprint as I become older. I can’t see myself to get in trouble because of this as I don’t post inappropriate things online. So when I do apply for my post secondary and they do research about me, they won’t find unwanted things for their school. Same goes for my future job I know they will for sure search me and look for red flags before hiring me for the job. Having a footprint could be a very positive thing because it might show them that you have accomplished a lot or it could also be a negative thing and show the not great side of you so it depends on different situations.

The three strategies that I learned are: 1. Be cautious of what you share online 2. Have a strong password so that hacker can’t get in easily 3. If its too good to be true then its most likely is

The most important thing that I learned is that my digital footprint is more valuable than I thought and should be careful of what I share with the public. I would tell my friends and family through a conversation.


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