Most Memorable Food Experience

The most memorable food experience I had was when I made cheesecake by myself. This is by far my most favorite dessert ever, so gathered all of my ingredients and started to bake. It took quite a while to make, about 4 hours, the scent that filled my house was mouth-watering . Once it was done, I took it out to cool off. I began with delicately spreading the berry compote then placed the strawberries. As a finishing touch, I sprinkled in some powered sugar. Before cutting the cheesecake, I took this photo to document my creation so I can look back to my past baking experiences. When I was little, I had always wanted to be a pastry chef and and by doing so, this reminds me of my childhood dream job. Finally, I cut into it and take my very first bite filled with excitement, as it had a light creamy texture with the perfect combination of tartness and sweetness. That is what I would like my future to be, a perfect balance.


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